ChamberlainWalker is an economics consultancy specialising in housing, infrastructure and local growth. We have a track record of providing our clients with credible, insightful and high-impact analysis to support their strategic objectives.


What we do
We provide independent economic research and analysis to support decision-making, funding bids, economic strategy and policy development for clients across public and private sectors. Our work is also used to help inform and influence public policy – we have strategic partnerships with public affairs agencies where we support advocacy for our clients.


How we work
We offer our clients access to the most senior economic advice through our team of in-house and associate economists. We provide exactly the kind of analytical, evidence-based, rigour that is seen within central government in the development of public policy. We bring the evidence, economic techniques and best practice to bear in all our work. We bring broader expertise through collaboration with others, drawing on an extensive network of senior people who are specialists in their fields as well as through our many strategic partnerships.


What makes us different
Founding business partners Paul Chamberlain and Chris Walker were senior economic advisers in the Government Economic Service, part of the UK Civil Service. All our economic analysis is carried out exclusively by economists with experience of working in the Government Economic Service. Our analysis is bespoke and undertaken by those with years of experience – we don’t do ‘off the shelf’ analysis and we don’t delegate.