Chamberlain Walker

About Us

About Us

ChamberlainWalker is an economics consultancy specialising in housing, planning and economic development, established to provide decision-makers with strategic advice based on deep analytical insight and over twenty years of experience advising Governments on the big decisions.

The perfect blend of policy and practical experience

The directors, Paul and Chris, worked as senior economic advisers in Government, helping Ministers to develop and deliver a large number of high-profile policies. They have a proven track record of producing analysis that stands up to close scrutiny and distilling complex analysis into practical advice.

A powerful combination of top-notch analysis and ability to explain what it means

ChamberlainWalker provides analysis that is highly valued by clients on a wide range of issues. Activities include: strategic policy reviews; development of new policy options; policy ‘impact assessments’ (evaluation of costs and benefits); business cases (including Value for Money assessment); market analysis; development viability assessments; monitoring and evaluation strategies; data collection and statistics production; and financial risk modelling and management.

Expertise in housing, planning, and economic development

ChamberlainWalker’s focus is on housing, planning and economic development. Directors Paul and Chris spent many years as the most senior analysts in Whitehall advising on these issues; they have a comprehensive knowledge of the policy landscape and market context; and deep understanding and practical experience of the relevant data sources and analytical techniques.

Personal touch

The directors are personally involved in all aspects of clients’ work and provide a tailored approach to meet their needs. They also draw on a rich network of associates to provide additional expertise and capacity under their direct management.