Chamberlain Walker

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We prepare evidence on housing and economic development needs. Our knowledge of data and the drivers of need and demand means we can help councils understand their housing, land and labour market requirements, and work with developers to make the case for new development. We have extensive experience producing evidence-based assessments; led the development of the Government’s planning practice guidance; and have productive relationships with the leading academics and practitioners in the field.

We also produce market research reports for developers and investors, such as to inform the development viability assessments.

We provide a value-added, cost-effective service thanks to our understanding of the methodologies; access to a large databank; automated reporting; and creative use of data visualization techniques.

Current activities

We are producing housing market assessments for White Land Strategies Ltd, to inform work on viability. Chris is working with WPI Strategy to evaluate housing needs in the North; and Paul is producing market assessments to inform town centre regeneration in Swindon.