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Social Value

We work with a range of organisations to demonstrate the social impact of their activities: we help them to demonstrate their social contribution to clients, funding partners, and others; and to inform their business planning and resource allocation decisions. We use a combination of published data and clients’ own data to evaluate impact, and monetise impact drawing on the latest research (including measures of wellbeing).

Whilst at the Department for Communities and Local Government, we pioneered new approaches to evaluating the social value of affordable housing, helping to ensure more of the benefits of affordable housing are captured and recognised in business case appraisals. This work helped to secure additional Government funding for affordable housing investment in the last Spending Review.

Current activities

We have just completed a project for Metropolitan Housing Association to quantify the social value of their activities, including construction of new homes and provision of services (such as employment support) to tenants and local communities. See our Blog for more information.