Chamberlain Walker

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Research and Advice

We undertake research and provide strategic advice for a range of clients, including developers, housing associations, trade bodies and local authorities. Our clients value our support: to provide an evidence base to inform and underpin the development of strategic plans; to influence decision-makers with robust arguments which challenge current thinking and make the case for change; and to aid public understanding and awareness.

In Government, Paul was responsible for delivering major research programmes and producing economic advice to inform Ministerial decisions. Since leaving Whitehall Chris has produced and published a number of research reports, which have received extensive media coverage and influenced the public discourse. Government policies relating to new garden towns and villages, and deregulation of housing associations, can be traced back to the recommendations Chris has made.

Current activities:

We have just completed a report for Barratt Developments on the topic of land banking; and we are working with our partner Global Cities to develop strategies for “inclusive growth”.